Saturday, January 26, 2008


yes! my favorite manga Wallflower is out an anime! i saw two episodes.

a still from the anime

a page from the manga.

that is all. i will review once viewing of volume one is completed.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

a theory that didn't work

apparently, this week, i found out: ignoring that your falling sick doesn't cure you from becoming sick.

so ... sick pick movies/series of the flu season (the good and the bad which made it good)

alright ... this is all ondemand.
because my sick-self was too weak get up and put in a DVD.
aahh remote control, you are my dear dear friend in times of need!

Wicker Man (1973): the parade is eched into my mind. i am now on a hunt for a fox mask.
Brokeback Mountain: YEAH, I SAID IT! i have been avoiding this movie like the plague. but when your mind is numb with fever and selection is so limited ... you just click. anyway ... it was good. enough said.
Little Miss Sunshine: uncomfortable...
SUPERgals: Anime about being a gal. at first, annoying ... but it got better. still a bit annoying.
Dexter Season 2: I liked the first season better. but this wasn't that bad
Braveheart: HAHAHAH
Samuri Champloo: sooooo good!

mind you ... i was ill ... here are some other films i saw
Lake House (yeah ... puke and made no sense)
Stay Alive (videogame horror ... made no sense)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

blog about it

bouncing virtually ...

some "blog worthy" press on R&V



bands to watch