Tuesday, April 29, 2008

skipping happy through springtime mix!

do you remember the good old times? when love letters were mixtapes? and you would find them in your backpack? or in your desk? well, this is for you, the forgotten love mixtape letter. enjoy.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

the view out there

i can't wait . . .

i can't wait for amazing sun sets

i can't wait to eat these

i can't wait to live in my future underwater den

( photo one: in car; photo two: camden aqua; photo three: camden aqua)

Friday, April 18, 2008

traveling through transit.

screaming teens [check]
discarded chicken bones [check]
mystery stains and smell [check]
late, very late arrival [check]
over priced [check]
septa cops tackling a teen [check]
teen tackling random stranger [check]

this and much more is what an average transit commuter expects during their daily ride on ye ole septa.

at last septa has leveled up it renowned "perk" for the traveler: the "Be Kind to Your Behind" campaign ad from cottonelle.

Stepping into the orange line, I was blinded by the sheer white gloss reflecting off the light fixtures. I paused in my conversation with my commuter buddy, a sassy 60 year old lady who marched with King and has something to say about everything. I squinted my eyes and thought "Finally, they cleaned a cart!" Upon closer inspection, i realized it was contact paper. contact paper of ... toilet paper. yes, toilet paper. the whole cart is wrapped in toilet paper. an ad hung above reading "Be Kind to Your Behind". Sitting down, I'm thinking "Great, after a long day at work, I'm now traveling through the bowels of the city surrounded by toilet paper" yes, who wouldn't get that I'm so fresh feeling after a long day at work.

[close contact. no pun intended]

[taken during my second encounter. cart was empty]

on the other hand, this ad campaign has definitely got the attention of folks. however, wiping your ass and septa are two things you don't want to think about during your commute home. just saying.

Monday, April 7, 2008

presents for san.fran.

my sister returned from san Francisco today.

this is what she got me: a box set of large FRUiTs postcards:

and of course. i love it.

mixtape for the lonely

i made this virtual mixtape. i wanted the mixtape to look like a hidden item found in an rpg game. the site is fun to play with.