Tuesday, August 26, 2008

blogs in real time!

so at the store and this is what i see :
dunt dunt de dada dunt ... uh, mario song ...



Monday, August 25, 2008

Blogs that gives the ultimate nosebleed of happiness

i lurk here and kill time here. and ichat about this here.

possibly one of my favorite blogs to read daily.

looks and understands:

The Cute Report


Cute Overload

and if you don't get at least a trickle of nosebleed action, you have no heart! no heart, i say! nada!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

this is old ... but still funny ...

it reminds me of mikki. a lil too much

i can't get enough of this

ok, i know i'm a year too late with this one ... but i think the techno viking is the coolest.
he is like the future of cool ... or the ancient past.

also, i like the dude standing on pillar in the background dancing.

and techno viking pointing at the douche who knocked into the aged candy raver

and the water hand off

and the intense look of techno viking as he raves it up even tho' his socks don't match. and still ... pointing at douche who is sitting and "feeling" it!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gimme: Things I Say Gimme Right Now!

Teapot with a cold. This is painfully the cutest teapot. I would cuddlez this teapot. Too cute. Nosebleed cute.

from: Lama Designs

Ceramic Pigeon Vase by J. Mendicino. Sigh. They could join baby owls vase that K gave me for my birthday. friends!

from: Three Potato Four

I can drink my tea with these. and eat soup when i have the flu from the cute teapot with a cold.

Also from: Three Potato Four

Monday, August 18, 2008

summer adventures

the very lovely heather held her bachelorette party at a ranch. horse back riding through woodland trails and streams upon majegestic horses.

photos courtesy of Long Way To The Sea

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Tale of the Two Dolls

During a trip to Alaska, my mother came across two dolls. At first, she was shocked. Perhaps, she was even a little horrified. They looked exactly like her adorable and oh-so-precious twin daughters as cute babies. Not only that, the two dolls wore very similar outfits and had similar chubby-chubby cheeks. Turning away, she huffed and shook her head in a very Indian-yar-yar-manner and muttered to herself "What a waste of money," followed by a very Indian-yar flick of the wrist.

Several days past, the two dolls lurked, drank tea and threw snowballs in the corner of my little Indian mom's memory palace. As she traveled to icebergs, sailed ships and watched wolves, my mother could see them dwelling about. The dolls were perched on the iceberg. The dolls merrily sailed the ships. The dolls rode the back of wolves.

On the last day, of my mother's Alaskan adventure, she threw her hands up, ran to the store and purchased the two dolls. The two dolls turned their eyes, tilted their heads and smiled.

True story.

My mother gave one doll to me. She gave the other doll to Darshana. My father picked up a doll for my little sister, knowing she'd feel so sad and so left out. A strange looking one with long long hair and long long face. And White.
I call my doll "matu". And Matu calls her doll "chimi". Anushya calls her doll "Little French Girl"

The End.

currently watching.

I love Korean dramas and soap operas. I spend most of my downtime watching them. (My little sister and best friend K both think I have problems. They're probably correct).

Right now, I'm watching Dal Ja's Spring, a korean drama of 22 episodes that aired last year. So, far I'm on episode 16. And knowing my track record, I'll prob. finish the entire series tonight. So far, it is one of the cutest K-Dramas I've seen since Coffee Prince. The female lead is so likeable. The storyline has so many twist and turns. It is also soooo funny.

From WikiDrama (cause you know, i don't like summarizing)

"‘Dalja’s Spring’ is the story of Dalja, a 33-year old single at a crossroad of whether to remain single or get married before she gets older. The drama aims to comically and candidly portray the reality and undying pursuit of romance of a thirty something single woman.
The love triangle of Dalja, Taebong and Gijoong brews conflicts over love versus marriage. Taebong, a hunk six years younger than Dalja, works as substitute dates and becomes Dalja’s fake boyfriend. Gijoong is the type who dreams of an ideal and rational courtship. The drama also highlights the life and work of women in their thirties through Dalja who is a talented managing director at a home shopping channel."

Hahaha. Being in my late twenties (almost 30!) I kinda relate with the female lead. And the age difference issue ... eh-hem ... can relate to that too (looks at Pearly and Matu ... who are both giving me a virtual knowing nod)

Anyways, the story is very manhwa and so incredibly cute. I highly recommend this series.

this we do when we're bored also known as baby troll never sleeps

i love the handy functions in digi-camera. like the sports function. its fun.


brother in law andy