Wednesday, February 25, 2009

listening to. listen too?

i have an obsessive tendency of obsessively listening to the same songs over and over again for a month. nothing obscure or rare.

here's the list:

magnetic fields: all my little words
arthur russell: time away
neutral milk hotel: in the aeroplane over the sea
billy bragg & wilco: california stars
stereolab: avante garde M.O.R
nico: the fairest of the season


Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm back again cause: I Don't Want Our Lovin' To Die

right right ... i love this.

thanks to matu ...

not so seriously serious post

Sometimes, I take a break. and youtube this on my trusty Gus (Walter's replacement). Its silly. But it makes me laugh.

not so deep conversation ...

been a while, right? anyway... during brunch with my two favorite dudes, i filled them in on the top 5 pick up lines to use on girls ... THAT REALLY work! wanna know? ... well here you go.

Five: "What's up?"
Four: "How's it going?"
Three: "How are you?"
Two: "Hello."
And finally Number One: "Hi."

wow, who knew? right. now you know. the end.

Friday, February 6, 2009

another photo... booth.

sister, brother in law and me. hamming it up. good times.

from long way to the sea

me as a youngster

my future kids will see this and be like "OMG! mom is cool" or will be like "OMG! put that away, mom ... and get us some gatorade while yer at it!"