Sunday, March 23, 2008

toy of the week

ok this is not a toy. its a gadget. it's a watch. i need a watch. i need an alarm clock too. steampunk. yes!

Friday, March 14, 2008

finally, my Wallflower: The Anime : review

yes yes.

in all honesty, i completed the series weeks ago. believe it or not folks, i actually do other things which do not involve anime, graphic novels and gaming. uuuhhhh. really! i do. i do? YES I DO!

Wallflower revolves around the adventures of four bishonen and a Sadako/Samara type girl. At times very sexist, the story delves into turning Sunako (a-sadoko-from-the-ring-like-girl who enjoys all things dark 'n bloody) into a proper lady. Through many mishaps, teen angst and social stress, the four bishonen and sunako have many humorous adventures. I am not giving away the ending (you must watch) but it was a classic anime ending. which means: NO ENDING! life goes on ... into season two!

the anime doesn't follow the sequence of the manga ... but the anime pretty much ends at volume 8. if that. (right now, it is at vol. 14 in the USA) so, if you read the manga watch the anime ... no surprises and a couple new stories that were not in the graphic novel.

I liked it. the anime consisted of the typical waterfall, paper, spastic animation of the japan genre. the story followed the plot of the manga. I like Sunako. she's tough, strong and sticks to her beliefs. I can't stand whimpering heroines who later come into their own.

however ... between the anime and the manga. I lean towards the manga. the manga is addictive and so well written.

... that was my review. in short: good but the manga is better. ok? ok.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

legends do come true

my sister's blog Broken Wizards has inspired me write one of my own reoccurring sitings.

Boarding on to the El Train, I saw him standing at the end of the cart: The Fallen Wizard. I couldn't stop staring. Instantly, I knew I needed to get a closer look. Much closer. I stood right in front of him. He was amazing. Hunched backed. Various boils scattered his pasty face. Long white beard which reached his shins, framed by yellowish white hair falling to his elbows. He wore a black bomber jacket, faded black highwater pants and beat up black leather shoes. Clutching closely to his chest were two white plastic shopping bags filled with various little cardboard boxes. I stood there, trying to stare-but-not-stare. We got off at the same stop. I wanted so much to follow him, just for a few blocks. One or two, maybe. Alas, he was quick and i soon lost sight of him

The next siting: Drinking bubble tea with A and J on a corner in Chinatown, I saw him across the street walking quickly to an unknown destination. I started jumping up and down. "There he is!!! The Fallen Wizard!!! THERE! THERE!" J looks at me, looks across the street. The quick little fellow was gone. "Dude, I don't see this so called wizard. someone must have slipped something in you bubble tea"

Yet another siting: Happily galloping through The Gallery (OK, that sounds really weird, but i had just bought a new video game at Game Stop), i felt a cold wind brush me. I turn to look. There he is, walking towards me, the wizard. Again, holding various plastics bags, he walks quickly past me briefly glancing at my shocked face. I turn around to watch him disappear in the crowd.

here is a sketch:

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

first things first

i got a new MacBook with the intel core 2 duo processor. Yes! New Toy!

so, what is the first thing i do? Find a sweet wallpaper for the new baby. yes, baby needs some clothes!

I virtually scurried to David Lanham's Drawings and Other Creations. His digital art is cute, demented and very much to my liking.

After much internal turmoil of which wallpaper to pick, I went with this one:

False Alarm

I have a soft spot for the disenchanted samurai. always have and alway will.

haha. I am losing my mind.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

the new family member

yes. danboard. lastest member of "the family"

from the manga Yotsuba &!

huh? hey, where are you?

oh , there you are!

welcome to the family!

i'm having a nose bleed on the utlimate cute-ness of danboard.

also, the eyes light up! (nose bleed continues)

drawn to life

Current DS Lite Favorite: Drawn to Life.

You are The Creator (oh my, you're GOD-LIKE, even) who must save a darling RPG village from impending doom. As The Creator, you draw your Hero. Of course, my hero looks like ME rocking torn up jeans, a hoodie and mega man arms. You design weapons, scenes and rides throughout each level. Although very user friendly, this game is surprising tough and i find myself getting stuck on a few levels.
The true highlight of this game is the progressive use of stylus-based game play on the DS Lite touchscreen. the mere fact, that the gamer is designing and playing is absolutely novel. btw, the touchscreen is what makes the DS Lite interactive and ... FUN! this is the start of some really interesting new platforms for gaming. i am very excited to see what comes next!