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aunt, me, grandmom and twinner in a greenhouse.


a 20 year old photo of me, my twin and lil sister ... along with cousin, aunt and grandmother in assam, india.
i remember those red turtlenecks and denim jumpers well.

we were up to mischief.

later note: it is funny. now, the little cousin is about 5 inches taller than me

twinner dream journey

dream journey

lurking amongst the wildflower

lurking matu

hammock on pinafore


mini instax are fun for adventuring.

oh, time to read.

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music video conversation with twinner noted below

prrft prrft: I ♡ late 90s J-Rock!

more more yura yura teikoku

hi hi hi ha ha hair hair band in j-r-p realm

note: DRUMMER! yeah... DRUMMER!

the j-pri-must of hair

har har hair


hi hi

i ♡ ♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ PERFUME!

i also ♡♪ late 90s ... hehe. Chocolat - Like A Starberry ... with miki furukawa of supercar!

hello hello