Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the kaosillator

pearly, matu and i bought the korg kaosillator over the weekend.
hours of fun. sweet beats, bizzare noises. loops. totally worth 200 bucks.

only downside. ya can't store/save! oh well. that really doesn't bother me at all.

but i am super happy with this kaos/osillator pad. small and compact. great to play with on your commute!

Monday, February 25, 2008

an ordinary day in weirdadelphia

walking around this town. one sees many odd things.

here are a few:

these trees in no. liberty were swarming with these black birds.
the "tweets" were almost deafing.
i've seen these guys before. at city hall. flying in massive clusters from one tree to the next.


i have no idea what was going on here. none. i am pretty sure the fellow was standing in the street doing tai chi to the beat of various percussion instruments

i was hoping that these kids would hop on the dragons back. take flight. and battle the parasitic black birds.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

lazy dayz

mobile phone pictures.
i crashed at my sister's place after a show. due to professional habit, i tend to wake up early. bored and waiting for someone to wake up (and too lazy enough to get up) i documented the scenery. the view from the amazing areobed:

finally AWAKE and it's time for PHO!

matu eatting pho. haha.

did a bit o' shopping and later ... MORE FOOD. it must be a winter thing. ilovefoodsomuchiwanttoeatallthetime.
anyway: VEGAN GOODNESS and xuithou

three kind mushroom soup. soooo good.

dunno, i found it really funny at the time.

my brother in law and a matu

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dokebi Bride

2 weeks ago, my sister shoved vol 1 and vol 2 of Dokebi Bride into my hands, said "READ!" and stormed away.
1 week ago, my sister asked me if I read them. I said "not yet". She proceeded to scold me while praising/lecturing, with a commanding voice, the "amazing-ness" of the graphic novel (her creepy lopsided ponytail was nodding in agreement)
2 days ago my sister called me to ask me what I thought. Uuhh. Didn't read 'em yet. More lecturing.

So I now I am reading volume one. And. It. Is. Amazing. Ness. A must read for any graphic novel fan. wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated

summary from netcomics.com (you know, I hate summarizing)

"Born into a shaman family, Sunbi has inherited the power to see and communicate with spirits just like her grandmother, a notable shaman and savior of their little fishing village in the South Sea. Early on, she sees things like an imposter shaman being thrashed by a dragon of the deep, and doesn't understand that none of her schoolmates can see such things. Her powers make her the amorous target of hedonistic demons even as a child. Long shielded from the reality of her power, she finally learns the secret of her mother's death, and why her grandmother was never able to leave their village."

Tomorrow, I will be heading off to get 3 through 6. I want to know what happens!

Monday, February 11, 2008


go to tigermap and check out Ravens and Vultures first podcast installment.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Toys I want

Pete Fowler's Pets and Owners. I already have a couple of Fowler's toys: The Tribe of Monsterism and The Snorse (they make cameos throughout this blog).

I also want the Mars-1 Observer DELTA INC Edition from kidrot
so cute, i want to bite it. and punch it..

the littlest mushroom

I've been reading pearly's blog daily. its funny. and smart.

the littlest mushroom

check out our BATTLE STANCE video, starring matu, pearl and me.

dear diary

My little sister found three of my old journals! One is from the 5th grade (age 9), another from the summer before 9th grade (age 13) and yet another from the last days of my sophomore year in highschool (age 15).
Of course, she read aloud my sophomore year aloud, relishing every angst ridden page.

I am not one to be personal. but these are too funny to pass. I wish I had a scanner to scan some of the pages (the illustrations are out of control).

MY JOURNAL: 5th Grade Room 202 (the cover contains "top secret", "wow", flowers,"warning:read at your own risk" and "do not listen to warning!")

We started our Eagles Geography this week. Hurricane Hags might pass Philadelphia. I was so excited. It won't be so hard like blowing down trees. I have to talk to you [journal] like a bestfriend. I am talking to you. AHH!
At recess, it started to rain. When we came into class it didn't. Now, its raining again. Oh boy. It's one of those days. HA HA HA. That was a joke. It's friday, as you must have guessed. On Monday we are starting reading cycle. I'm nervous. I don't know if I passed. All I remember was that I got two right and two wrong. I think the girl who sits in front of me Milissa is writing something about me in her Journal. I wonder what she is writing. I feel a little depressed. Milissa asked what my favorite colors are. I like lots of colors. I choose blue because I am wearing blue. I can't think of anthing else to say but La De Da De Da. I hope you have a Good Day. Bye or Bye-Bye.

[Present Day: I am not certain what Hurricane Hags is.]

Age 13: Diary - Chetana. (a Mead Composition Marble book. On the cover: "feliz", my sister and cousins names, "old fashion times" and a drawn peach with a happy face. Also, half of the pages are ripped out.)

July 5 1993: Friday
My eyes are so bad and getting worse. When I am 30, no twenty, I will be wearing bifocals. Granny glasses. I wish my eyes will come back.
That's another thing. I worry too much, too much for my own good. It scares me. I worry that I'll worry about something and it will come true. It usually does.
Nothing good ever happens to me. I hope i get a kitten. Dad said he'll get it. It might fill that emptiness.

[Present Day: the bitterness ... ooooh the bitterness begins]

Last Days of Sophmore year in High School: Age 15] (Cover: Victorian girl cradling a tabby cat)

June 21 1995
I've been home for the past 3 days, laying listless in the heat. Tomorrow is the last day of summer. Oddly enough, it was a cool 64 today. Kitty is going crazy. She's scraching (s.p) my ankles, rolling around the carpet; her eyes are wild. I can hear her claws, right now, tearing the fibers in the carpet apart. Tomorrow is the last day of school. What to do? NOTHING! Poor little chetana, all alone at home, sisters laughing merrily reading eachother's secret thoughts. Mother gave me this. "Do whatever you want with it" she said. Hinting LOGBOOK in every syllable. I am so old and I can't spell.
So, let me tell you a tid-bit about myself. My birthday was about 3 days ago. I have 2 sisters, a mother and a father. I don't really have any "good friends", just poeple who want to have a goodtime. The neighboors dogs are barking in unison with the sound of passing cars. I like peaches and japanimation. I have a dog and two cats. Nothing right ever comes out of my mouth. I say what I think and can't keep silient. Cynical fool, just like a million others entering adulthood.

[Present Day: dude. scary girl. Anyways ... i think i will enter some more enteries from The Days of Old in the near future. Now, back to watching Wallflower. Apparently, my love for anime never went away]